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Detlef Klein “Euphorischer Realismus“ 14.02. - 21.03.2014


Hochfrequenz-Finanzjongleur im Anti-Outburn-Programm 2012_110x100

Hochfrequenz-Finanzjongleur im Anti-Outburn-Programm 2012

Acryl auf Gipsbinde und Leinwand   110×100 cm


Philip Henderson Malerei 28.03. - 02.05. 2014

saharan_girl_1200 ‚Saharan Girl’  1991  Öl auf Leinwandtafel 40.64 x 51 cm


  • “Raw, raging, murderously truthful in statement and vision, calling to mind Celine’s Death on the Installment Plan and Alfred Doblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz….his novel has the power of a nuclear fusillade.” –John A. Williams, on Life of Death
  • “Lewis does have an eye for the complete lack of empowerment at the core of many Black American experiences. (He) captures the worst working-for-the-man nightmares any overworked, underpaid, unappreciated brother or sister could have. The epithets fly as fast as the dishes hurled at coworkers, all the characters rabid to put down anyone different from themselves.“ –James Hannaham, Village Voice, on Life of Death
  • Life of Death fits most comfortably on the shelf with Clarence Major’s All-Night Visitors, Ronald Sukenick’s Up, and Susan Quist’s Indecent Exposure. There are even touches of Donald Barthelme and Gilbert Sorrentino here, such as making litanies of objects from popular culture and having great fun in concocting long strings of preposterous names for rock groups and songs – not that such practices mollify the author’s anger. Instead, his subtly antimimetic stance helps his writings rise beyond the windy bluster that characterizes Celine at his worst. And where the ghastly details of Doblin sometimes become an end in themselves, Lewis is able to use such material transformatively, offering a picture of life that is inventively instructive rather than just ironically surreal.“ –Jerome Klinkowitz, on Life of Death
  • “Caustic wit…politically pointed” –Michael Berube, on Life of Death
  • “I enjoyed reading Nate so much that I read scenes to anyone within hearing distance. P. Lewis is an original talent whose English cuts through a lot of contemporary BS like a butcher knife. His characters don’t give a flying F- whether you feel for them or not. It’s important that a powerful novel such as this surfaces at a time when the black lit scene is being smothered by a lot of dumb frivolous chick-lit and down low scribbling. Anybody want to know where the kick-behind black male literary tradition of Himes, Wright, John A. Williams went? It’s alive and well in Berlin.” –Ishmael Reed, on Nate
  • “According to the author, this self-published 2006 American Book Award-winning novel was turned down by every major publisher in the United States. It is a brutally funny novel satirizing diverse subjects from American military misadventures, African-American cultural politics, to the chaos of contemporary American life. Like the protagonists of Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust or Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the eponymous hero, Nathan James Morris, is a classic picaro, a naive everyman and would-be artist whose foolhardiness shows us more about American life and the human condition than would seem possible in one novel.”—Darryl Dickson-Carr, on Nate


    • Wajahat Ali, “Faking the Hood: A Conversation with Ishmael Reed,”, March 15-16, 2008.
      CURRICULUM VITAEPHILIP HENDERSON(aka Philip Lewis)Author, illustrator
      FULL NAME:

      • Philip Lewis Henderson, aka “Philip Lewis,” “P. Lewis” (nom de plume)


      • November 2, 1967


      • Atlanta, Georgia


      • 1703 Lebanon Street, Adelphi, MD., 20783, USA
      • c/o Another Country, Riemannstrasse 7, 10961 Berlin


      • Author/illustrator/webmaster


      • B. F. A., Howard University, Department of Fine Arts, 1992


      • Reading at St. Marks’ Poetry Project with Kevin O’ Brien, New York, February, 1995
      • “In the Dishroom,” a play, by Anthony Baggette, Berlin, 2002
      • Reading at Literatur-Haus, Berlin, November, 2002 (group reading)
      • Reading at Soul-Trane, Kantstrasse (Charlottenberg), Berlin, February, 2003
      • Reading at Book Passage, San Francisco, CA, May 7, 2007
      • Reading at Alexander Books, San Francisco, CA, May, 2007
      • Reading at Wild About Books, Clearlake, CA, May, 2007
      • Reading at Bowery Poetry Club with Reginald Lockett, New York, September 18, 2007
      • Reading at Fuel, Schokoladen, Berlin, Ackerstrasse 169, Mitte, Berlin, March 9, 2008 and October 10, 2009
      • Reading at East of Eden Books, Schreinerstrasse, Friedrichshain, Berlin, May 20, 2008, October, 2008 and October 12, 2009
      • Reading at Amerika Haus Berlin, April 15, 2009
      • Reading at Another Country Bookstore, Berlin (late 2009)
      • Reading at ICD, Charlottenburg, Berlin, December 4, 2011
      • Reading at Terzo Mondo, Berlin, January 17, 2012
      • Reading at English Theatre, Berlin, February 2013


      • KPOO 89.5, San Francisco, May 5, 2007. Reading with two other authors.
      • WBAI 99.5, New York City, July 16, 2009. With Louis Reyes Rivera.



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      • Nate. Hyattsville: Back House Books, 2006
      • Extreme Curves 2, New York: NBM, 2008


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      • Review of Three Days Before the Shooting by Ralph Ellison. African American Review4 (2012): 7-9
      • “Reactionary Thug Rap,” Blue Lake Review (June, 2012)

      Excerpts/Short Stories

      • Henderson, Phil. “from Life of Death,” Black Ice 5, (1989): pp.
      • Lewis, Philip. “From Life of Death,” Black Ice 7, (1991): pp.
      • Henderson, Philip, “Germans With A Tan,” Konch Magazine (Winter, 2011)

      Poetry (selected)

      • Henderson, Philip. “A Reflection,” Fast Talk/Full Volume, Cabin John, MD: Gut Punch Press, 1993. Edited by Alan Spears.
      •  “American Males,” Sivullinen 15 (Finland), 1994
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      • Lewis, Philip. “Paper Bag,” BlazeVOX (Summer, 2012)
      • Lewis, Philip. “Bis Morgen,” BlazeVOX (Summer, 2012)

      Magazine Layouts

      • “GALLERY: Phil Henderson,” Sizzle 11 (2001): 45-48.

      Magazine Covers

      • Sizzle 13 (2001)
      • Sizzle 19 (2002)
      • Sizzle 24 (2004)
      • Sizzle 40 (2008)

      Reviews of Philip Lewis (Henderson)

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      • American Book Award, 2006 (for Nate)


      • “Berlin Asylum,” novel (completed)
      • “The Hallways of My Mind,” novel
      • “Yankistan,” novel
      • “Some of My Best Friends,” play
      • “Raindrop Stains on the Oilcloth Window,” poems
      • “A Requiem for the American Negro,” poems
      • “Our Daily Dread,” novel
      • A Study on the Modern Novel