Jürgen Zumbrunnen ✝ Malerei

Juergen Zumbrunnen is a Swiss painter who lives and works in Berlin
and in Corcapolo, a small village in Ticino (Switzerland).
Zumbrunnen’s work is founded on the grounds of classical precision and stringency.

His form of painting is very expressive and thought provoking,
with the world’s ambivalence and ambiguity being omnipresent.
In his pictures we behold unexpected clashes of disparateness and scenes as if played in the theatre.
He shows the eternal truths of our world in exemplary yet nonexisting constellations –
they only become real in the completed paintings.

Zumbrunnen’s themes are centered around his deeper insights into the human condition –

insights a passionate chronicler has gained who has been truly initiated into the mysteries of life.